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The Foundation True Match




14,09€ [feelunique.com]




InStyle Best Beauty Buy 2013: Best Inexpensive Foundation. With shades from cappuccino to ivory across warm, cool and neutral tones, this foundation is practically bespoke. "Work it in using your fingers - it gives an undetectable finish and fabulous coverage," says make-up maestro Lica Fensome.
 For women in search of a perfectly natural complexion, L'Oréal Paris has invented True Match Super-Blendable Perfecting Foundation SPF 17, its first foundation that perfectly matches the colour and texture of your skin.
 InStyle says: Makeup pro Gina Kane uses this foundation as a quick fix. “It’s sheer and light and no powder is required. Mix with moisturiser for dewy skin.”
 Following research into the skin-tones of women from around the world, the L'Oréal Paris Laboratories have developed a unique palette of skin-true shades.
 The result: Natural looking, skin-true colour without tide-marks and outstanding coverage without caking. Thanks to the presence of 3 light, non-greasy oils in the True Match formula, you can build up layers of coverage for a made-to-measure finish.



Okay now. Finding my true match is kind of hard living in Germany where obviously nobody is paler than – to talk in foundation shades – ivory. And to find ivory is an adventure in itself, because most of the drugstores seem to think Classic Ivory is the palest shade we Germans have. Fun fact: that is a lie. We actually do need shades lighter than Classic Ivory, or, which would be great as well, if the shades weren’t as yellow as they are.

So, my usual shade is porcelain, which only Manhattan seems to have. The problem there is that I’m not really happy with their foundation. I always look cake-y and I feel like it doesn’t have enough coverage for me.

But, let’s not talk about other foundations.

I bought the lightest shade there was in the local drugstore, which wouldn’t fit my skin tone perfectly but with light pressed powder, I can hide the too dark foundation mostly. If one looks too close, it is still visible. Yet I can wiggle my way around the problem and hide the truth (at least a little).

I thought I should mention this because I can’t really say anything about how true the foundation is to the skin. I don’t know how perfectly it’ll blend in when you have the right shade.

But I can tell you about a few other things.

So, I’ll start with the durability. I had to dig for a short while since I couldn’t find any information about the what-so-ever hours it promises to last. On their homepage I couldn’t find an answer. Which, well… that’s a little unfortunate. I mean, it lasts for a while, that’s true but I don’t feel like it’s very great. I think I can settle on around four to five hours, no longer but no lesser either. If I didn’t touch up with a little powder afterwards, my skin was all shiny and oily and it didn’t look very nice any more.

Also, it promises that you can build up layers with the foundation. I strongly disagree. For me the foundation only looks good when I use one thin layer of it. Then, and only then, the foundation is easy to blend in and my skin looks truly healthy and stuff. Once I used too much or tried to layer to get a better finish, I regretted it actually pretty fast because the foundation was very obviously visible on my skin. Then again, you don’t need too much foundation for a good coverage.

Don’t think I totally disliked the foundation. It was okay, but I wasn’t overwhelmed – and I wouldn’t buy it again, to be completely honest. Not because it was that bad. Rather because I’ve already tried other foundation I was far happier with. It is quiet nice for the day, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a night out since the foundation doesn’t work too well with too much dancing. And honestly, that’s kind of a bummer considering the price of this particular foundation. I found cheaper once that lasted better.

What did you think about the foundation?


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