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Manhattan Intense Lip Balm soft&shiny




3,95€ [local drugstore]

3,95€ []


Lip balm


400 sparkling rose, 200 berries & cream


  • Vividly coloured Lip Balm
  • Feels soft and moisturising
  • Lasts up to 5 hours
  • Has a shiny finish



Usually I don’t like lip balms very much since I haven’t had a lot of good luck with those. My lips either dried out badly or the colour didn’t last properly. A lot of things that are annoying when you buy just want to buy a coloured lip balm.

We stumbled upon the Manhattan lip balms more or less on accident. We haven’t heard anything about it before. What made us buy them then, you ask? Well, the colours looked damn pretty and we decided to just go for it. We both bought the number 400, Sparkling Rose. It is a really nice sparkly light pink colour. Laura bought number 100, Red Tango, which is an intense red, and I went with the number 200, Berries and Cream, a wonderful berry red.


The lip balms have a nice and sweet scent. As for some people this might be a con but we actually liked it since it isn’t really intruding. On top of that the lip balms are smoothly applying, won’t dry my lips, leave a beautiful shimmer behind and, which is kind of really important here, they are surprisingly long-lasting. We have been drinking our fair share of coffee and, although they are giving up a little colour like normal, the lip balm isn’t ruined at all. There is no need to re-apply lip balm.

The range is quite huge as well. You basically have a lip balm for every occasion, a night out with your girls, work or school, and something for your free time.

I absolutely recommend the Manhattan lip balms.


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