Not so EYEmazing eyeshadow cream | Thinking Out Loud


PRODUCT NAME                       

Eyemazing Eyeshadow Cream




3,95€ []

4-5€ [local drugstore]


Eyeshadow Cream


Long-lasting cream eyeshadow

Apply with applicator and blend in with your fingertips




Let’s play, ‘I’m not going to come near you, ever. Even if my beauty life depends on it’. For the first time in my life, I have found the one product I really don’t like. I think I bought it, tried it and then it made a short cut for my rubbish bin. It maybe lasted for around two minutes in my possession.

Okay, now, back to the beginning.

I picked the eyeshadow cream up because I was looking for a creamy eyeshadow in a light grey colour – or at least a medium to light grey – for makeup look I want to recreate. I was searching everywhere, and I couldn’t find any cream eyeshadow no matter where I looked. It’s like the makeup brands all agreed on not selling grey creamy eyeshadow anymore.

But then I stumbled upon the Manhattan eyemazing eyeshadow cream while grocery shopping. So, I guess it’s true what they say here in Germany, if you stop looking for something you’ll find it – or it’ll be coming to you. Depends on which generation you ask.

To be fair, I could’ve passed on getting to know this product. It’s just not that great –  I mean, at first I was thinking I simply was too stupid to use it right; which wouldn’t be that surprising to be honest. Then again, what could you do wrong while applying eyeshadow whether it’s creamy or not. So I tested it again on the back of my hand and, nope, still bad.

The colour is beautiful, though, it’s a silvery kind of grey; and I liked the name Tease Me. It did tease me. But not in the good way.

I put it on and within seconds I thought my eyelid was on fire. First it was very cold, but then it got really hot – it felt like an allergic reaction. Now, that might be more my skin than the product itself. But it’s a bummer anyway.

Okay, now, a question: An eyeshadow cream is supposed to be, yeah, creamy, right? That’s what it says and that’s what you think will be the case. Because the name tells you exactly that – and I had a few other eyeshadow creams before. They are, in fact, creamy. This little weirdo gets hard. Not like hard hard but harder than a creamy eyeshadow is supposed to be. It feels and looks as if you put melted aluminium foil all over your lid. Hence, I wasn’t able to blend it with my fingers anymore like I’m supposed to.

Naturally, I removed it as fast as possible, grabbed the little bottle and threw it in the rubbish bin, because nope. I won’t use you again. Ever.

Has anyone tried the eyemazing eyeshadow cream?


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