This Or That Tag – Beauty Edition


Blush or Bronzer

Laura: Blush, I’m too pale for bronzer

Lilly: Hm, so I favour blush as well.

Lip gloss or Lipstick

Laura: Lipstick.

Lilly: Lip gloss.

Eyeliner or Mascara

Laura: Mascara, although my lashes are incredibly short. I can’t without. 😀

Lilly: Mascara, without it my eyes seem way too small.

Foundation or Concealer

Laura: Foundation.

Lilly: Foundation.

Neutral or Colour Eyeshadow

Laura: Neutral. I love how they work with blue eyes.

Lilly: Neutral, I rather have it unobtrusive.

Pressed or Loose eye shadows

Laura: Pressed. Loose eye shadow is all over the place, always. I don’t like that. 😀

Lilly: Pressed, but I never had a loose one bevor.

Brushes or Sponges

Laura: Brushes – at least since I have my Real Techniques Collection.

Lilly: I can’t decide on either. Depends on what I’ll do with it.



O.P.I or China Glaze

Laura: Huh, I haven’t tried neither. But since I don’t know about China Glaze… O.P.I.

Lilly: Never tried one either. Hopefully in the future.

Long or Short

Laura: Longish. Not too long though.

Lilly: Long, but I have trouble with easy breaking nails.

Acrylic or Natural

Laura: That’s unfair. Can I say both? No? Uhm, I think I tend to acrylic. But it actually   depends on my mood.

Lilly: Natural is okay.

Brights or Darks

Laura: Brights. This time I’m absolutely sure.

Lilly: Depends on my mood and the clothes I wear..

Flower or No Flower

Laura: No flower.

Lilly: No flower.



Perfume or Body Splash

Laura: Perfume. Just because it lasts longer.

Lilly: Perfume, I just love the long lasting scent.

Lotion or Body Butter

Laura: Body Butter, only because I’m in love with the body shop ones.

Lilly: Is body milk a possibility too? 😀

Body wash or Soap

Laura: Body Wash.

Lilly: Body Wash.

LUSH or Other Bath Company

Laura: LUSH. Like, for real. I’m addicted to LUSH.

Lilly: Lush. The products are amazing.



Jeans or Sweat pants

Laura: Sweat pants. I don’t like jeans. Not at all. 😀

Lilly: Sweat pants. I own jeans but I don’t wear them that often.

Long sleeve or Short

Laura: Short sleeve. I mean, summer? Hello?

Lilly: Short sleeve.

Dresses or Skirts

Laura: Dresses. I love pretty dresses.

Lilly: Dresses, I have many dresses and I can’t have enough.

Stripes or Plaid

Laura: Plaid. I think. Yeah, plaid.

Lilly:  Plaid

Flip flops or Sandals

Laura: Sandals! Flip flops are the worst. 😀

Lilly: Flip Flops. They are so comfortable. 😀

Scarves or Hats

Laura: Hats. I love hats but I look weird in hats and tend to wear more scarves.

Lilly: Scarves. It’s safe to say that I have a slight obsession with scarves.

Studs or Dangly Earrings

Laura: Dangly.

Lilly:  Studs.

Necklaces or Bracelets

Laura: That’s kind of hard. I love both, but I think in the end the necklaces win. Yeah.

Lilly: Bracelets.

Heels or Flats

Laura: Heels! With 1,61cm I need them to survive in this world of tall people.

Lilly: Flats. I don’t wear heels that often.

Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots

Laura: Uh, neither? Okay, no. Wait. Let me think. Cowboy boots.

Lilly: Uhm…. Cowboy?

Jacket or Hoodie

Laura: Hoodie! Preferably oversized and with thumb holes.

Lilly: Hoodie. Soo comfortable.

Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe

Laura: Forever 21. I love their stuff.

Lilly: Forever 21.

Abercombie or Hollister

Laura: Uff, Hollister? I don’t really buy stuff at either.

Lilly: I don’t have any of their clothes.

Saks 5th or Nordstrom

Laura: Now, this time I really have no idea. Don’t know those labels. 😀

Lilly: Never knew those exist. 😀



Curly or Straight

Laura: Straight.

Lilly: Straight.

Bun or Ponytail

Laura: Depends on my hair, really. But in the end I’m more the bun kind of girl.

Lilly: Bun.

Bobby pins or Butterfly clips

Laura: Bobby pins. Preferably hidden underneath my hair. 😀

Lilly: Bobby pins.

Hair spray or Gel

Laura: Hair spray. I can’t work with gel.

Lilly: Hair spray. Think I haven’t tried gel at all.

Long or Short

Laura: Long.

Lilly: Long.

Light or Dark

Laura: Light-ish.

Lilly: Light.

Side sweep bangs or Full bangs

Laura: Full bangs you can disguise as side sweep bangs. Okay, well… probably side sweep bangs. I don’t know.

Lilly: Full bangs.

Up or Down

Laura: Down.

Lilly: Down



Rain or Shine

Laura: Shine.

Lilly:  Shine

Summer or Winter

Laura: Winter (with sunshine and snow!)

Lilly: I can only agree.

Fall or Spring

Laura: Spring.

Lilly: Fall

Chocolate or Vanilla

Laura: Chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Lilly: Chocolate

East coast or West coast

Laura: Been to neither. But I think… East Coast.

Lilly: West Coast.


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