Thinking Out Loud | Manhattan Wake Up Concealer


PRODUCT NAME                       

Wake Up Concealer




9,95€ []

4 – 5€ [local drugstore]




Makes tired eyes look luminous again

Conceals circles around your eyes and redness

With light-reflecting pigments for a fresh look

Professional and easy application thanks to a special brush applicator



I picked this concealer up a few weeks ago because I heard a few good things about it, I like to try out new things, it promises to conceal redness – which is my go-to problem at the moment – and it was actually the only concealer which would fit my skin tone and one can buy at a drugstore.

Since I don’t have the biggest problems with under eye circles, which I’m very happy about to be honest, I’, not sure whether it helps if you have. But for what I need, it’s doing a very good job. The skin underneath my eyes looks flawless and my eyes look far more awake. So, yeah, it’s doing what the name is promising, which is the least a product should fulfil if you ask me.

But, the concealer is doing one thing a lot better than hiding my under eye circles – hiding redness or pimples. It’s magnificent, really. Although it’s a light colour, the concealer manages to cover the red spots very well. My experience with the foundation hadn’t been the best, because my skin tends to look dry when I used it or like I wear some kind of mask. That isn’t the case with the concealer. My skin looks healthy and clean.

I would recommend it without any doubt.


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