Thinking Out Loud | Full Repair Hair Care [John Frieda]


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Full Repair Hair Care


John Frieda


8,19€ []


Shampoo, Conditioner & Deep Conditioner


Reverse the look and feel of damaged hair with every use.

Fortified with Inca Inchi Oil, this strengthening shampoo helps to restore weak, damaged and brittle hair fibres, as it cleanses.

The Omega-3-rich formula has been expertly blended to ensure each delicate and damaged strand is protected, to reduce the risk of further breakage and split ends, without weighing your hair down.



I have thick hair. Thick hair that tends to feel dry and look even dryer, and thick hair that is painful to comb after a shower. I have lost count on my hunt for a shampoo and a conditioner which really keeps it promise. So many promise to repair your hair, make it look shiny and prevent the hair from being a pain in the air while combing after a shower.

Well, I won’t sugar coat it.

I was let down by a pretty huge amount of products you can buy at a drugstore. My hair was knotty, hard to comb, pretty dry or very fast very greasy. I hate it. Every shower with the wrong shampoo and conditioner results in combing my hair in pain. Maybe I’m overacting a little and maybe I’m a little too sensitive when it comes down to my hair.

But I found a solution.

This solution is called Full Repair Hair Care. From the shampoo to the conditioner to the deep conditioner, this hair care is simply amazing. I started using this hair care series as my hair was dry and broken and in an all-around horrible state. My hairdresser advised be to use a deep conditioner on a regular basis, and she told me I shouldn’t buy the most expensive haircare series there is – a better one you can buy at a drugstore would be fine.

I did, and I’m still so incredible happy about this haircare series. It made my hair better almost instantly. It shines and looks so much healthier than it did before. Since I’m in the middle of changing my hair colour – I was blonde, and I want to be a redhead (I’m almost there, ha!) – my hair needs extra care. The series does it all. You name it, Full Repair Hair Care can do it.

The knots are lessened, my hair isn’t breaking so much anymore. It feels smooth and looks amazing. I’m just all around happy with this hair care series, and I’m sure I won’t change it anytime soon – not when my hair keeps being healthy and amazing with it.


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