Thinking Out Loud | Catrice Glamour Doll Volume Mascara


                       Product name                       

Glamour Doll Volume Mascara [010 NO LIMITS]




Ca. 3,50€ [DM]




Black [Waterproofed]


Doll Eyes are dominating the international catwalks– this calls for our specially developed elastomer brush.


 Simple: it captures a lot of the creamy mascara texture, spreads it well and covers each individual lash without weighing it down. The result: extra volume, length and density. That’s how to get huge doll eyes!

Opthalmologically tested.

IMAGE Beauty Awards 2013 Winner

[You can find more information on]


You know what I’m picky with – despite lipstick? Mascara. My short-ass lashes make it really hard for me because I don’t only need length, nope, I need volume, too. So as one of you might now, I need two mascaras – or preferably one who does both; length and mascara. Since I haven’t found that one until now, I will keep on looking.

This particular mascara I’ve gotten from Lilly.

I tested it the next day and was actually pretty surprised. If I remember correctly it was my first ever product I’ve gotten from Catrice. Since I haven’t heard a lot of this brand before, I was very skeptical at first as I always am. I and new cosmetics need a little time to get along.

Since it promises length, I tried the mascara with and without curling. First things first, I still have to curl my lashes. The mascara isn’t able to lengthen them visibly without the eyelash curler, and it cannot hold the curl for long.

But lets not ignore the fact, that the brush is amazing. I think I’ve never had a brush with separates my lashes nearly perfectly. That doesn’t only look amazing, it also seems as if I have more lashes and an even fuller lash line.

I absolutely adore the end product, although I have to use another mascara to give my lashes a little more volume and for a better hold.

I totally recommend this mascara, if you do not need to curl your lashes. It’s perfect than and has a really good cost effectiveness.


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