What We do Wednesdays | Cara Delevigne




Step 1

After moisturizing your face, use a primer so you’ll makeup will last longer and any redness will be hidden. I used the Prime and Fine Anti-Red Base by Cosmetics.

Step 2

Put on your foundation. Don’t forget to blend it in well. I use the real-techniques contour brush, don’t know. It just does the job better than any other brush I tested. I think it is the most important step. If your foundation looks weird, you’ll think you look weird every time you look into a mirror. At least that’s what happens to me. My current makeup is: L’Oreal Paris Le teint perfect match in N2. (I finally found it in a lighter shade. I’m so happy!)

Step 3

Fill in your eyebrows. I currently love the real techniques brow brush for the job. And, again, I used the Alverde eye shadow palette 37 chocolate.

Step 4

Prime your eyelids. It’ll help the eye shadow last longer. I used the Rival de Loop young Eyeshadow Base. To be honest, it isn’t the best one you could use but it does the job. I need to find a better one with more lasting power.


Step 5

Put on a white eye shadow on your whole lid. Make sure you highlight your inner corners in the same shade. It’ll open your eyes and make the white more prominent. I decided to go with the Rimmel London Glam’Eys Mono Eye Shadow in Glam Ice [100].

Step 6

Apply a light to middle blue eyeliner on your waterline. The xtreme last eyeliner in 78T by Manhattan was my choice.


Step 7

Apply your mascara. As I explained earlier, I have to use two mascaras to get the best result. If you don’t need to, just curl your lashes and use your favourite mascara. I used Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara waited a little and then put on another layer with Maybelline New York The Falsies Volum’ Express Flared Mascara.


Step 8

Apply a concealer underneath your eyes and on your red spots. I used the Nyx HD Concealer for underneath my eyes and the Manhattan Wake Me Up Concealer for my red spots.


Step 9

To give your skin the perfect finish, use a powder. I used the Manhattan Soft Compact Powder.


Step 10

Finish your makeup look with an orange-red looking. Astor’s Heidi Colour Last VIP Lipstick in the colour cheeky [003].


And that’s it. Another take on a celebrity makeup look. I stumbled upon this amazing look on Pinterest and fell in love.

Hope you like it! 🙂


Have a nice week! See you on friday, loves!

xx Lilly & LauraTry


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