What We Do Wednesdays | Holiday Shimmer




Step 1

First of all, I use the P2 Professional Perfect Face Anti-Red Base to prime my face properly. It helps hiding redness and my makeup looks tons better on my face. Afterwards, I help my eye shadow last longer with the Eye Shadow Base by Manhattan.20150227_141941

Step 2

You see, there is a lot of ways to apply makeup and reach the goal you want. I figured, that it works best for me, if I use concealer before my foundation. In this case I put the Ultra Matte 24 Hours [010] by P2 on the darkish rings under my eyes and any other redness or spots bothering me.

Step 3

Let’s get to the foundation. With my foundation brush, I blend in the foundation. Right now I use the Fit Me Foundation by Maybelline. Mine is in the shade 105.

Step 4

That’s quick and easy. I fill in my eyebrows. To do that, I use the Eyebrow Express Stylish Blonde [010] by P2.

20150227_132854 20150227_141835

Step 5

First of all, I apply the Wet & Dry Eye Shadow by Catrice in the shade Vanilla Sky Ride all over my eyelid with a fluffly eye shadow brush.

Step 6

Now, the next step. I use the Wet & Dry Eye Shadow again. This time in the colour Please Gold The Line. I apply that over most of the eye lid. Be sure to leave a little space between your inner corner and the eye shadow you want to apply. Let’s say you apply the eye shadow around two thirds of your eye lid.

Step 7

At a last step, I apply a dark brown eye shadow. For this step I chose the Youstar Nr. 01 Brown Eyeshadow Palette. I blend the second from right brown in my crease and apply a little of it underneath my bottom lash line.  


Step 8

With the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Intense Black I put on an eye lid line very close to my lashes and winged it out but only a little.

20150227_135917 20150227_142146

Step 9

To seal everything off and stop the shining going on in my face, I powdered my face with Maybelline’s Fit Me Pressed Powder.  Again, mine is in the shade 105.

Step 10

I put on a natural lip stick. I chose the C01 Pinkadoxa by Catrice.20150227_142219

Step 11

When everything else is done, I apply my favourite Mascara at the moment: Lash Sensational by Maybelline.


As you can see, this tutorial is a little more ‘step-by-step’. We figured that’s better. 🙂

Hope you like the look and re-create it. It’s really an easy but beautiful makeup look!



Have a nice week!

Lots of love,

Laura & Lilly


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