Thinking Out Loud | P2 Last Forever Nail Polish


Product name

P2 last forever nail polish




1,75€ DM


Nail polish


190 hold me tight!


The opacity is amazing, if you apply it twice.

 Product description

-8 days durability with the use of a top coat
– long-lasting glamour with intense opacity


I like the nail polish. As I walked into the store to top up my nail polish collection, the colour immediately stroke my eye. Especially because I have a scarf with that colour.

I only ever use the nail polish without any base coat, let it dry for a short time and apply another layer – and I’m done. The polish dries very quickly. To top that of the durability really is long-lasting. Of course, I kind of knew the nail polish won’t last eight days straight but without the top coat it lasts three days after all, which is awesome. After three days the nail polish chips a little but you can easily fix the chipped nail polish.

I’ll definitely will buy the nail polish in different colours as well because I like it very much. Can’t wait to test them all!


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