What We Do Wednesdays | Adelaide Kane


Auditioning is extremely bizarre. Just being an actor is extremely bizarre, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

–  Adelaide Kane


The first thing I do while starting every makeup look is my foundation. Right now I use the L’Oreal le teint Perfect Match [or true match as it is called in other countries, if I remember correctly] in the shade N2 vanilla. It’s a little too dark for me, but I use it in order to be easily distinguished from a white wall. After that was done, I filled in my eyebrows with the Alverde eye shadow palette 37 chocolate. I used the one on the far right.




Now to the eyes. I grabbed my Manhattan eye mazing eye shadow pen in 20. I put it all over my lid and underneath my eye from the inner corner to the midst of my waterline.



Next I grabbed my Alverde eye shadow Palette 38 Smokey Eyes and put the black eye shadow on 2/3 of my eye. Leave out the inner corners! I put the eye shadow underneath my eye as well, starting from where the Manhattan eye shadow pen left of up to the outer corner of my eye.





The lashes were next. Since my lashes are pretty short, I have to do three steps to get the best end result. So, at first I curled my lashes. Second, I used the Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara. The reason I used it first is that it separates my lashes really well and lengthens them a little. After I applied the mascara, I waited a little before I put another layer mascara on my lashes. This time I used the Maybelline New York The Falsies Volum’ Express Flared Mascara (My, what a long name). It gives my lashes a little more of length, a lot of volume and holds the curl really well.


If your one of the lucky people out there with amazing lashes as well, you probably only need to use your favourite mascara.

When my eyes were done, I used my concealers. Yes, you’ve read right. Plural. I just find, that the Nyx HD Concealer in the shade CW01 is perfect for underneath my eyes, while the Manhattan Wake Me Up Concealer in the shade 001 naturelle is perfect for my blemishes or other red spots.


When my face was concealed, I used the Manhattan Soft Compact Powder in the shade 1 naturelle to give my skin the perfect finish. Then I used a little bit of Manhattan Powder Rouge in the shade 53n fresh peach on the apples of my cheeks, before I highlighted my cheekbones with Essence bloom me up! shimmer powder.


To finish everything of, I put Catrice Infinite Shine Lip Gloss on my lips. Sadly, I can’t tell which shade it is, since the name isn’t anywhere to be found on the bottle.



And that’s it. That is my first take on re-creating a makeup look. Hopefully, you like it and can re-create it, too! We’ll get better eventually. Learning by doing, right?


Have a nice week!

Lots of love,

Laura & Lilly


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