Thinking Out Loud | Labello Lip Balm Raspberry Rosé


Smart as I am, I totally forgot to take a picture of my Lip Butter, so I apologize for the original picture from their homepage.


Product name

Lip Butter Raspberry Rosé




Ca. 2,50€  []


Lip Butter

Product description

Care effect

Do you want a sensorial experience, well-cared lips and a soft shine of colour on your lips? The indulging Lip Butter formula pampers lips and relieves dry lips. It seals in moisture in your lips long-lastingly.

Colour and Shine

The formula melts on the lips, restoring moisture balance and adding a silky gloss.”



I don’t know about you but I’m very picky when it comes down to lip salve. A lot oft lip balms or butters dry my lips even more. The winter time or a very hot summer day where I sit in the sun are the death for my lip hydration.

Besides Carmex and some Blistex products, I hardly use anything else when I’m out of the house. At home I only use milking grease, because that simply works wonders on my lips. Baby Lips made my lips feel like sandpaper, and Bebe isn’t much better – only that it makes my lips addicted.

But hey, who’d I be if I don’t try out new stuff? Especially when a ton of people are talking about it and even TV spots basically throw the Labello Lip Butter in your face the one time I watched some TV (because the TV program is terrible in Germany and please, don’t let me start with the synchronization).

Okay, so. Labello created a Lip Butter. Although I am probably a little late on the train, I want to put in my two cents. To be honest, I wouldn’t have minded if I had missed the train at all. I’d happy waved when I drives by.

I don’t know if it is just my lips, but this Lip Butter is the worst thing I put on my lips in a long time. My lips look amazing, smooth and shiny and healthy. I just wish my lips wouldn’t only look like that but actually be all of the above. I’d be so happy, you have no idea.

After I put it on, my lips a hydrated for half an hour – on a good day. Then I have to use it again, because my skin is dry and is uncomfortably tensed and it chaps easily. Plus, my lips feel even dryer than they have before. Not really the goal I want to reach with lip balm.

Labello Lip Butter, I am sorry, but you are not working for me. Not at all. And I won’t recommend you. Then again, every pair of lips is different. Maybe you can wear it and will look and feel flawless and amazing and like a princess with it.


What’s your go on the Lip Butter? Did you like it?


Have an amazing day,

Xx Li & La


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