Make The Most Of Your Lipstick



I am a lipstick lover. I can’t and won’t deny it. A nice suiting lipstick simply finishes every look. But – yes of course there is a but – I have dry lips. Very dry lips actually, especially in the winter time. I never leave the house without a lip balm (preferably Carmex).

After trying out a lot of things, I found myself a few things, which really help my lips and make my lipstick stay longer. I will share my lip-care habits with you – and maybe they’ll help you improve and extend your lipstick experience.

  1. It is probably the most important one: Choose your lip salve carefully. I feel like I have tried thousands of lip products. I’ve used Labello, Balea, bebe – you name it. In the end, I always come back to Carmex and milking grease with marigold salve. If you use something, that dries your lips or just give you the feeling that you have to use it very often: Do not keep on using it. It’ll only make everything worse, and your lips addicted to this particular lip salve.


  1. This is very important, too. Almost as important as number one if you ask me. Look for a moisturizing lipstick. I know, I know. A lot of lipsticks promise you to be moisturizing and stuff – but don’t believe in anything the little cutie tries to tell you. Thing is, how do you prove them wrong? I can give you a 100% guarantee this trick always works, but I swatch the lipsticks I like every time before I buy them. I grab the tester and test them on the back of my hand. If the lipstick promises to be nice and caring and moisturizing, pick the tester up and swipe it over the back of your hand, it’ll be very smooth on your skin when you try it. To make it a little easier on you, I’ll can tell you which lipstick works very well on me!
    1. Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm – Catrice [ca. 5€]
    2. Perfect Creamy & Care Lipstick – Manhattan [ca. 3€]
    3. Betty Lipstick – Benefit [ca. 16€]


  1. Okay, this is going to sound very had, but: Stay away from lip glosses. I know, lip gloss is beautiful and pretty and simply amazing. You know what it also is? Very bad for people who tend to have dry lips. There will be lip gloss out there, that doesn’t dry out your lips even more. I know there will be. I probably haven’t found it yet. Still 90% of those lovely little lip glosses won’t be good to your lips.


  1. Get an evening routine. What I do in the evening is, I get a toothbrush – preferably one unused and with medium hardness, and scrub the dry skin from my lips, then moisturize my lips with milking grease. It is simple, you barely need anything and it works wonders. My lips feel amazing when I sleep with the milking grease on my lips. They are so smooth in the morning. When I know I will wear lipstick that day, I’ll repeat my evening routine after breakfast, so my lips are much moisturized.


  1. Put a thin layer of your lip salve or milking grease on your lips around 5 minutes before you put on lipstick. It is important that you wait a while because if you put the lipstick directly onto the balm, it won’t work. The lipstick will go away immediately.


  1. When you have put on your lipstick, be careful not to press your lips together. Wait for another 5 minutes. It’ll help the lip stick to set on your lips for a longer duration.


  1. Press your lips onto a napkin or face tissue. Then wait just a moment and put on another layer of lipstick. Wait again, before pressing your lips onto a napkin or face tissue again.


Since I got into the habit of doing those things, I don’t have a lot of trouble with wearing lipstick anymore. That makes me so incredibly happy.


Do you know any other tricks? Or can you recommend any lip glosses (high-end and/or drugstore) I can use that won’t dry my lips?


Xx Li & La


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