Thinking Out Loud | BeYu 24H Perfect Finish Foundation


Product name

24H Perfect Finish Foundation [The Flowing Foundation]




12,95€  []

We think, this is to buy at Douglas only. But maybe we are wrong. Found it someplace else for a better price? Tell us! J




04 – Bright Ivory


Very good. My skin looks great and even. Only very nasty impurities are visibly.


 The texture is very good, too. It is easy to blend with a brush.

Product description

For very long-lasting results that feel light

  • Revolution: Pleasantly light to wear despite being long-lasting
  • Optimum coverage & mattification with no mask-like effect
  • The flowing texture is easy to apply evenly
  • Lasts for up to 24 hours



It is one of my first High-End (does this count as High-End? I suppose, right? Since I can’t really find it in any drugstore. I really need to learn the differences) and I am so, so torn between liking it very much and being frustrated with it. You have no idea. Especially since I’m on the hunt for a foundation which suits my skin colour for a while now. Most drugstore products are too dark for me, even the lightest one.

Being out of ideas, I ventured into our local Douglas for a solution. At first I was looking wistfully at all the MAC products, but couldn’t really bring myself to buy something because I was too afraid to spend a lot of money on something that maybe doesn’t suit me or isn’t how I expected it to be – and my expectations are kind of really high when it comes to MAC.

But, back to what I was talking about.

I found the little BeYu booth and decided to take a closer look at the Perfect Finish Foundation. On the back of the bottle it says: “Matt finish foundation for a natural, perfect complexion.” I was very much in love with this sentence because that is exactly what I am looking for. Very excited, I grabbed the lightest shade they had and, voila, it suited my skin colour. The decision was made.

Sadly, the foundation and I don’t have our happy ending.

Let’s venture into the positive and negative points of the BeYu 24h Perfect Finish Foundation, shall we?

First of all, it doesn’t last 24 hours. Sadly, but I kind of expected that not to happen. I would’ve been very surprised if that were the case, and touching it up again makes your skin look weird and cake-y.

The bottle doesn’t have a pump. That alone is so very annoying. You have to shake it and then tip the foundation onto the back of your hand, which makes it pretty hard to control the amount coming out of the bottle – and you shouldn’t use too much of it. You really have to get just the right amount of foundation on your skin. Otherwise you will look horribly cake-y.

Good thing is, you don’t need much. This foundation works wonders on your skin. Like I said above, your skin look natural, even and simply great. My skin looks really almost flawless when I use the foundation. It is great, and it isn’t too expensive, too. Which is even better. 13€ is perfectly fine.

But – and now come the biggest of all problems for me – the durability sucks. Like, really. With the foundation, don’t scratch your face or wipe your nose. I mean, I get it. Especially the last one isn’t the best activity while wearing foundation but, well, everything is off. Like, the whole foundation is just gone and you can see the edges. It looks almost as if you have torn it off, and you can’t really cover that one up. If it’s down once, you can’t really try to hide the spot with powder, concealer or another layer of foundation. It’ll look always weird, and cake-y.

So, no. I probably won’t buy it again, and I only ever wear it, when I know I won’t be out too long. Around 6 hours is actually okay, afterwards it’s not so nice anymore.

Have you tried the Perfect Finish Foundation, too? Let us know in the comment what you think about it!


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