Absence + Future Changes

Hey guys!

Please excuse our recent absence. We were trying our hardest but in the end our studies had gotten in the way.
Due to lack of time at the end of the semester, we can’t produce the things we want to and/or are not happy with what we produce in the little time we have.
Our semester ends around the beginning of Februrary, Feburary the 5th, if I’m not mistaken.
So, we will be back shortly afterwards – and with new content.
As a new addition to our blog we want to show you some makeup and hairstyle tutorials.
And if time allows it, we will add something else. But since we can’t be sure if we’re actually able to, we won’t say too much about it until it is actually done.

We wish you an awesome weekend, a lovely January and a great start into the second month of the year.

If everything goes as planned, we see you on February, 8th.

Big love,
Lilly & Laura


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