Thinking Out Loud | Chocomania Body Scrub


                        Product Name                       

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Scrub


The Body Shop


5,00€ [50ml] or 14,00€ [200ml]


Body Scrub


This exfoliating body scrub has a decadently chocolatey scent and leaves skin feeling softer and smoother. It contains real cocoa butter and organic cane sugar. [The Body Shop]


 Listen, I was really worried when I opened it. Don’t get me wrong, the scrub smells amazing. Like really. Once you smell it you want to taste it (and I heard of people who actually did… ahem). But, but as I opened the lid the first time I was caught off guard by the intense scent of chocolate. Since it was a present, I thought whatever and tried it out anyway. I’m not quite sure I would’ve bought it otherwise. That’s how intense the scent is.

The whole time I was worried that the next best chocaholic would mistake me for a life-size chocolate figure and bite a huge chunk out of me. As soon as I used it, though, my worried faded away. The intense scent got less intense. It still smelled like I bathed in a chocolate hot tub for two days straight.

And it gets even better once you have showered. All that is left is a marvellous soft skin and a decent chocolate smell. It’s especially great during the newly arrived winter season. Everything smells amazing, and so do you.

Using the scrub, my skin feels softer and cleaner and somehow way healthier than without it. If you have troubled skin on and around your shoulder area, I’d definitely recommend it to you. My skin was better after only one week.


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