Thinking Out Loud | How To Get Away With Murder



I don’t recall when or how it happened but it did happen – and I am so happy about it. In the evening, I need a little chill-out time. It mostly consist of reading a book or watching an exciting TV-show. Since I’m a little bummed about a lot of TV-shows I have been watching before or that came out new, I clicked through some trailers believing that somewhere had to be something I might consider worth watching.

I was successful.

How to get away with murder is about a group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defense professor who become involved in a twisted murder plot that promises to change the course of their lives. []

The first episode starts without much fuss. You practically are thrown into the story headfirst. One of the very first scenes is about the murder the TV-show is about. You can see four out of five law students talking about how to get rid of a body during bonfire night. You don’t know who they are, you don’t know who of them killed the victim – or if anyone is the murderer at all – and you have no single clue as to why they are even together because they don’t look like the best of friends.

Following this discussion, time flashes back to where it all starts. Every episodes goes back in time when it comes down to the flash forwards, and it goes forward in time with ‘normal’ scenes, which explain how and why everything happened the way it happened – until it eventually all comes together in one big showdown in the mid-season finale.

The storyline spins around Annalise Keating, defense attorney and law professor. She’s the kind of woman that does moves a mountain to get you out of trouble – but you really, really don’t want to be on her bad side. She is the one who starts it all by creating a group called Keating 5. Four out of those five were seen at the very beginning of the show. So, now we know that they do not know each other that long. I think it was around a few months. As a viewer, you get to know them slowly – but just as Annalise states in the second episode do you know who anyone really is?

Meet Connor Walsh. He’s the heartthrob. He’s smart, he’s cute and the cute guy you have a crush on. He kind of really isn’t that kind of person. I wouldn’t call him cute but pretty hot. But that’s beside the point. He’s smart, creative and he usually gets what he wants in one way or another. He is gay, and he knows that he looks good, which he uses to his advantage. One of Annalise co-worker calls him cold-blooded. I’m not quite sure about that statement, but we’ll see about that, I suppose. He is present at the murder scene and works on getting rid of the body.

Meet Michaela Pratt. She’s the annoying know-it-all. Or the girl who talks too much in class. One of Annalise co-workers calls her the shooting star because she freaks out about the exams at the end of the semester, and would do anything to get the infamous trophy, which allows its owner to drop out of any exam without failing it. She complains a lot about the workload Annalise gives them. She has a fiancée, which slept with Connor in his youth. If not for the fact that she totally broke down shortly after the murder, I’d call her cold blooded. She makes sure to use everything to her own advantage to present herself in the proper light. She is present at the murder scene but due to her mental condition can’t offer much to help.

Meet Laurel Castillo. She is the quiet girl you share notes with. She seems to be very unsure of herself but she is actually pretty smart. Somewhere at the beginning she finds a boyfriend but she starts to cheat on him with someone else. To be quite honest, I don’t know too much about her or I’ve just forgotten something about her but she maintains a low profile. That doesn’t mean I will forget about her, because that is my reason to keep an eye on her. She is present at the murder scene and works on getting rid of the body.

Meet Asher Millstone. He is kind of a douche face, and in constant ‘war’ with Connor, just like Michaela is. They are bickering constantly. Asher’s father is a judge himself, with lets the others believe that this is the only reason he actually had gotten into Middleton Law School but he is smarter than he lets on. Also, he seems to have some daddy-issues. He is not present at the murder scene but almost catches the others twice.

Meet Wes Gibbins. He is very odd to me, and very quiet. Well, no, odd isn’t the right word. He just acts contrary sometimes. Although claiming to only want to do what is right, he lies and breaks rules for the girl he falls in love with. He keeps secrets from everyone. I suppose he is to be watched carefully. I don’t trust him entirely, and I won’t until he proves himself worthy. The quiet ones are the most dangerous ones, right? He is present at the murder scene and works on getting rid of the body.

Meet the girl Wes falls in love with, Rebecca Sutter. She is shady as fuck, I’m sorry. Although Wes is telling her everything, Rebecca keeps a lot of things to herself up until it is too late. Her close friend was killed by someone unknown, but she is held responsible for it. That’s how she gets involved with Annalise, who she doesn’t trust completely because her husband had an affair with Rebecca’s murdered friend. She is present at the murder scene but isn’t with the others when work on getting rid of the body.

A few other persons have to be mentioned. Sam Keating, Annalise’s husband and possible killer. Detective Nate Lahey, Annalise’s secret affair. Frank Delfino J.D., Annalise’ employee and Laurel’s lover. And, last but not least, Bonnie Winterbottom J.D., Annalise’s employee who seems to hate everyone around her. Okay, maybe I should mention Oliver Hampton, too. But he is more of a side character than one of the regular cast. Still, he brings little Connor in some trouble – emotionally at least.

Last Friday [November 21. 2014] was the winter finale, and to sum it up – a lot of the previous episodes where more confusing and shocking than this one. But that doesn’t mean the mid-season finale wasn’t pretty damn good. I really loved how everything fell together after they threw us tons and tons of pieces. To tell the truth, I’m just a little bummed about how the victim was killed but, well, I’m still pretty excited as to how the second half of the first season will play out. Because the situation our ‘antiheros’ have found themselves in during the end of the mid-season finale isn’t the best.

But we’ll see – and I can barely wait.


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