Thinking Out Loud | Maybelline Jade – Pink Opulence 123


Product Name                       

Maybelline Watershine Carats Lipstick 123 Pink Opulence


Maybelline Jade






Glittering Pink


Watershine effect for a sexy, glistening finish, and dazzling diamonds for extra brilliance. Juicy, glossy colour and high shine lipstick without stickiness. Lips feel refreshed and moisturised with a super shine. Hypoallergenic and Vitamin E enriched.[]


So, we do this thing to be horribly honest. Or not so horribly. Depends on what we think really. This lipstick is, well, it’s okay-ish. Yeah. That’s the word I’d use to describe it.

The colour is nice. Actually, the colour is really pretty. The colour was the reason I bought the lipstick. So, yeah. I think you get what I’m trying to tell you. But (yes, there is a but. A really big but, to be quite honest) my lips become painfully dry. It hurts me pretty badly when I have the lipstick on too long. They dry and sometimes pretty rough. You need to use some kind of lip salve before you use the lipstick.

Furthermore, there is a gazillion pieces of glitter in this lipstick. I like glitter, as long as it stays on my lips and I don’t end up looking like I met Tinker Bell who threw pixie dust in my face.


All in all, I only decided for this lipstick to be in my monthly favourites because I love its colour. Sometimes, a beautiful lipstick is worth a few troubles.


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