Wednesday Review | P.T. (a.k.a. Playable Teaser for Silent Hills)

Silent Hills is going to be the newest addition to the Silent Hill series so far. The game is currently being made by the amazing director Guillermo del Toro [The Hobbit 1-3, Pacific Rim, Mama, etc.] and the one and only Hideo Kojima, mastermind behind Metal Gear Solid. In the actual game, which won’t be released before early 2016, you’ll be playing as a man, who’s received Norman Reedus’ features. Some of you may know him from the TV series The Walking Dead in which he currently rocks as Daryl Dixon.


He’s going to be perfect for the game. just saying.

This is the trailer for the game:

But, that’s not what we want to talk about today, although it’s very exciting. Silent Hill is simply amazing.

Okay, so, sadly neither of us owns a PSP or PS4 (yet), which means we had to take our notebooks with us, scramble to bed, turn the lights off and hug our favourite pillows before we hit the play button on a play through on YouTube.

A few minutes into the game, the both of us got pretty scared, and that’ll mean something. Because the only game that ever managed to scare La was SCP – 087b. Creepy hallways, I tell you. Li isn’t too easily scared either. Okay, and then there was Amnesia. But that’s just a goose bump-y game in comparison to SCP – 087b.

P.T.? Hell man, it combines everything. A hallway (yes, hallways. La’s going to be traumatized for life now), creepy music, a baby’s laugh, a baby’s cry. Something is breathing down you neck. Generally things giving you the creeps, and every time the player turned around, we almost get a heart attack. You knew something has to be behind you, and you know it’ll be coming to get you when you think: Well, that ain’t as bad as I thought it be. Nope. Just, nope.


that’s the bloody hallway, by the way.

It is as bad as you think it is. In a positive way, though.

That game literally gave us the creeps.

Okay, so. They all say, the teaser doesn’t have to any connection to Silent Hills which, okay, we don’t know, and we can’t say whether it’s true or not but somehow we can’t believe it. There is some sort of connection. Has to be. The story behind P.T. (which we’re not going to tell because we don’t want to spoiler anyone) is as simple as it is creepy but, here comes the but, we’re pretty sure it somehow plays into the whole Silent Hills story. Maybe it’s not the main aspect but it’s a part of the story. At least up to some point.

Still, the stuff you had to do to get the secret ending? Hell no. No one would create such an amazing riddle (we never would’ve guessed that. How smart are the people who found out?) for just a trailer? Right? Right? Even if it’s just a name, a person or a random but nevertheless horrible misfortune happening in Silent Hills or to the person who is crazy enough to go to Silent Hills.

Maybe it’s just the fact that everyone finds their own personal hell in Silent Hills. Because, just like the trailer says:

The only me is me

but are you sure the only you is you?

Maybe it’s meant for the player breaking the fourth wall. Wouldn’t be the first time, would it?

Anyway, here’s the trailer for the P.T. because every Playable Teaser needs a trailer.

It’s Silent Hill, ladies and gentlemen, and Silent Hill only gets the fancy stuff, kay?

Okay, so what do you think about P.T? Have you watched it or played it yourself? What do you think about the connection to Silent Hills which may or may not be there?

If you want to have a peek, here are the Let’s plays we watched:



Tell us what you think in the comments down below, if ya like! J Like this post if you maybe want some more game review of the stuff we played or watched recently!

Have a beautiful day



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