Wednesday Review | The Scorch Trials [The Maze Runner #2]


After reading The Maze Runner I needed to get my hands on the sequels. Living in Germany, I cannot march into any book store and expect to find the English version of every book ever written waiting just for me. Especially in the town I live in. [I’m so excited to move to Berlin or London – wherever my studying will take me – next year. Living in a small town like mine sucks most of the time.]

Long story short, I purchased both books online [and will purchase ‘The Killing Order’ pretty soon], and read ‘The Scorch Trials’ within a few days [minus the long pause I had to make in order to write a bloody term paper].

Truth be told, I’m not as amazed with it like I was with ‘The Maze Runner’. I literally loved the first book. I devoured it. The Scorch Trials? Not so much.

One of the main reasons therefore is Thomas passing out/falling asleep during the book numerous times. I didn’t count but is has to be about twenty to thirty times. Maybe more. I don’t know. It happens so much, it started to bother me. The sentence “and finally he fell asleep” made me cringe [still does, to be honest].

After the seventh time I wondered why Thomas still fears he wouldn’t fall asleep. Because he does, all the damn time. If I were Minho, I’d left his sorry ass behind.

Luckily, I’m not.

Like mother hen and father cock, Newt and Minho wake him up every time. Or sit at his side, hold his hand and wait until he regains consciousness. Well, at least when they’re around because they got separated often enough.

Which sucks considering the fact that they have to cross the Scorch and reach their safe haven on a timeline.

But what I love very much is how close the trio has gotten over the over the course of events. They’re the most important thing for each other, and they’d do anything to keep the other safe. I love how naturally the other two belong in the life of the third. It’s so… I don’t know. I can’t get enough of their friendship! It’s such a great dynamic between the three of them.

Thomas who can’t stop worrying about his friends while split apart. It’s the thing keeping him going through hell. He wouldn’t stop until he finds them alive and healthy.

Minho who promises to save them from whatever danger [“Between garbled unflattering names, Thomas heard the words ‘we’ll find you’ and ‘time is right’ and ‘weapons”]. He’s so angry with everyone touching or talking bad about/to Newt and or Thomas.

And Newt who worries about everyone. He’s always the first to ask if everything is alright and how they’re feeling. It makes my heart flutter.

Yeah, and then we have Teresa. That girl reached a whole new level of ‘bitch, please’. I have a hard time with female characters anyway but she annoyed me to no end. I seriously hope it’ll get better in the third book otherwise I’m going to kick her in the shin myself. Luckily she isn’t all too much part of the book but the times she makes her appearance I wanted to do something to her. Something painful [so she did her job right, I guess]. Plus, Thomas thoughts about her are a little annoying, too. I can’t really say a lot about it [because: spoilers!] but a lot time I begged Thomas to put on his big boy pants and punch her in the face [I’m totally with Minho on this one].

Teresa, who now hangs out with a group of girls looking like a bunch of Neanderthals at first glance, is replaced by her male version Aris. I didn’t trust him. Especially after the sign on Teresa’s door. Something is off but I’m not going to tell you what exactly. I just… Aris, buddy. Da fuq?

Other newbies, which I surprisingly like both, are two Cranks [you’ll learn right at the beginning of the book what Cranks are, no worries] named Brenda and Jorge. They seem to be so untrustworthy that I trust both – with Thomas, Minho and Newt’s life.

Jorge is the leader of a newly formed group of Cranks, and Brenda is his kick-ass right-hand. She’s a female, and I love her. She doesn’t act, she doesn’t whine more than necessarily and dances perfectly on the line between kick-ass and fear. Of course she isn’t perfect and I cannot shake the feeling that something is off about both of them but I trust Jorge and Brenda. Period. [Let’s see how wrong I’ll be.]

Whatever happens in book 3 happens in book 3. In book 2, Brenda in Jorge help the Gladers get through the Scorch and to their promised save haven because Thomas gives his word they’ll be safe there, too.

And, well, to be quite honest, the Gladers need every help they stumble upon.

I’ll leave you some quotes here, so you can get a feeling for the shuck [ha!] they run into during the course of book 2.

  • “Magic goop that eats people’s heads, that’s what it bloody was!” – Newt
  • “Pretty sure we just arrived in bloody hell” – Newt
  • “She could have an army of psycho girl ninjas hiding in that shack of hers” – Minho
  • A bolt of pure white zigzagged from the sky and exploded on the ground right in front of him. He screamed but couldn’t hear himself, squeezing his eyes shut as something […] threw him to the side.
  • “I could still kick you pony-lovin’ butt with twice this pain” – Minho to Thomas
  • “He just said he likes the taste of eyeballs. I think that qualifies as crazy” – Frypan about Jorge

After becoming partners in crime with Brenda and Jorge, things doesn’t get much easier. They meet a few Cranks being more [“Rose took my nose, I suppose”] or less [“Come to join our party? Lots of dancing. Lots of lovin’. Lots of booze.”] past the Gone but actually equally dangerous. [His (Thomas’) face smashed into the hard concrete. vs. “He has a gun. He has a knife. She’s got a shuck screwdriver! I’m not in the mood to have an eyeball smashed into my skull”]

They meet the group of girls and have to fight light bulb monsters.

All in all, they have the worst luck ever.

I’m not entirely sure what’s worse, the Maze or the Scorch. Both suck equally, I suppose. Personally, I’d prefer the Maze – of course before everything went to shit. I’m with Frypan on this one. Give the boy back his kitchen, man!

Which brings me back to my previous statement, I like The Maze Runner far more than The Scorch Trials.

Of course book 1 raised questions but that’s what the first book of a trilogy is supposed to do, and no, book 2 isn’t supposed to answer every goddamn question when there is another sequel – but holy shit, The Scorch Trials was hella confusing. A few answers are given on the first pages. After that everything goes nuts.

I completely lost track of time. I guess that’s due to Thomas passing out/falling asleep all the time. Boy can be lucky he survived that long.

On a scale from 0 to The Maze Runner (a.k.a. 12 out of 10), The Scorch Trials is a 6. Or a 7. I can’t really decide. Maybe a 6.5. Yeah, 6.5 sounds good.

There are just too many things bothering me. The above mentioned confusing daytime/night-time. Thomas falling asleep/passing out very often. [Like. Really often. Someone needs to count it. Geez.] More new questions arrive than have been answered. Teresa [and Thomas schizophrenic attitude toward her. Buddy, sweetheart. Please, cut your losses and move on]. I don’t mind a girl heroine. But I don’t like Teresa [Brenda’s pretty cool though].

Of course there are things in the book I loved besides the magic trio of Newt, Minho and Thomas. Like, James Dashner’s writing style. I always feel so intrigued. It’s like I am there myself, like I see everything through Thomas eyes. And that is so important for me in a book.

The world Dashner created is terrifying but I can see it happen. The way he explains the world is scarily realistic.

I’m just so excited for the third book [which I probably started reading when you read this review]. I can’t wait to see how it ends, although I’m so scared of endings. A shuck ending can ruin everything. No matter how good a book, movie, game or whatever had been, when the ending sucks everything sucks.



We’d love to hear your opinions!

What did you think about The Scorch Trials? Which book do you like most out of the four? Let us know in the comment below.


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