Monthly Favourites | June 2014



Maybelline New York – Fit Me Pressed Powder

LiLa: Simply one of the best powders we’ve ever used. Your skin looks marvellous. The perfect finish. We did a review on it here.


Maybelline New York – The Falsies Volume Express Mascara

La: I discovered it recently, because I was in desperate need for a good mascara. I got more. This mascara is just the best mascara. Ever.

2014-07-05 18.13.36

Catrice – Eye Shadow Palette Geometrix

La: I bought it a while ago and forgot about it, to be quite honest. I recently stumbled over it again and wondered why I’ve abandoned it. The colours are beautiful and long-lasting. I love the two on the very left the most.

2014-07-05 18.13.54


Maybelline New York – Colour and Show

Li: I was in desperate need of a red nail polish. This one just blew me away. The red is beautiful and last really long.


Essie – Grow Stronger Nail Hardener

La: My nails break so darn easily. It really annoys me, and I tried tons of different things. Nothing worked. Without much hope, although I’ve read a ton of good reviews, I bought the nail hardener. It just blew my mind. It works. My nails grew stronger in the span of barely two weeks.

2014-07-05 18.15.17


The Body Shop – Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

La: This right here is the best makeup remover I’ve ever tried. It is a little on the expensive side, but it’s worth every cent. It removes your makeup instantly, and it is completely organic, which is just brilliant.

2014-07-05 18.16.28

The Body Shop – Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner

La: I use it in the morning and the evening, after I cleaned my face. I never not use it. This is just, I don’t know, great. My skin feels amazing afterwards. Even more clean than with just my face wash.

2014-07-05 18.16.43

Handsan – Hand Lotion [Summer Series]

Li: Since the weather had gotten better in Germany, which was about time, I never left the house without it. My skin just feels really smooth and well cared for.


Lip Smacker – Coca Cola

Li: The taste is amazing. I was surprised how good it actually tasted. And my lips feel so soft.



Tangle Teezer

Li: Let’s just say: My hair had never felt this good. You have to try it. Seriously. Combing doesn’t hurt anymore, especially after a shower. The tangle teaser goes smoothly through my wet hair. It is perfect.



Cody McFadyen – Der Menschenmacher [lit. The Human Doer? | The Humanwright?]

Li: Okay, I’ve looked for a while. La did some research, too. There is no English translation. None. Although the original title is ‘The Innocent Bone’. It’s just very confusing. The book is so exciting. I can’t really put the book away. But be aware, it is not for the faint-hearted.

The book is about three siblings, who’d lived with an abusive man. They killed him in order to survive, but twenty years later a letter arrives. Suddenly the siblings aren’t quite sure: Is he really dead? The past catches up to them, and with it a terrible truth. [For more information go here]


James Dashner – The Scorch Trials [The Maze Runner #2]

La: After reading The Maze Runner, I was so annoyed with myself that I haven’t bought the complete series. I loved the first book. It has been love at first sight, and I still give it heart eyes every time I go past my book shelves. So of course I have to read the rest of the series. I’m not far into the book, because my studies are consuming 90% of my spare-time, but I already love it. Thomas, Minho & Newt are just perfect. The whole story is brilliant. I have to force myself to stop reading, otherwise I’d just skip sleep, ruin my sleep schedule and finish the book in one night.

Since it is the second part of a series, and I don’t want to spoiler you or something. I figured it would be best, if you just check The Scorch Trials at Goodreads for more information.

2014-07-05 18.11.44


TV – Shows, Movies, Live Sports

La: Since it’s the world cup, I spent most of the time watching soccer. On other days, I watched Baseball. Especially the Yankees and Mets. As for TV-Shows I re-discovered Criminal Minds. Holy shit, I’ve totally forgotten how good this show is. I re-watched the third season within a week and a half. Which is really fast for me, because I don’t watch that much TV.

Li: The past month I watched a lot of Baseball, too. La and I watched a few games of the Yankees together, but I’m more into the Oakland Athletics than the Mets. I watched Melissa and Joey a lot, too. It’s very funny and helps me relax in the evening. The series follows local politician Mel Burke (Melissa Joan Hart) and Joe Longo (Joey Lawrence), whom Mel hires to look after her niece and nephew after a Ponzi scheme leaves him broke.



Fallout 3

Li: I don’t have much spare time during the semester, but I always take a bit of time to play Fallout 3. I love the game. Its open world, and I can write my own story. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future and therefore pretty dark, but it’s just great. I love it.



Fallout New Vegas

La: What she said. Huh. It is the same, but with a different kind of story, and new characters and stuff. It’s just great, and I love it. For real.




What are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below. Leave a like and subscribe, if you want a monthly favourites next month, too. We’d really appreciate it! 🙂

Have a wonderful day/evening.


Li & La


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