Makeup Tutorial | Germany Inspired | World Cup 2014

I wanted to try something new, and I thought: Why not today? Since it’s the day of the first semifinal, and I need something more than just nails and a top. 🙂

2014-07-08 16.30.47

Let’s go, shall we?

  • (Use a primer. If you don’t need to, lucky you!) Put on your foundation. I love the cute little eggs to do so. They blend your foundation really well.
  • Put eye shadow base over you whole lid, so your eye shadow will last longer.
  • Let the eye shadow base rest a little, while doing you eyebrows. I like mine a bit stronger, but you don’t have to do it.


So, the base is done, let’s do the eyes!


  • First use a reddish eye shadow, put it all over your lid and close to your waterline underneath the eye.


  • Then grab a black eye shadow and work it into your crease. Don’t forget to blend well.


  • Highlight your inner corners with a yellow eye shadow or an inner corner highlight.
  • Line your eyes with some black liner.
  • Curl your lashes and put on some mascara.

2014-07-08 17.15.30

  • Use a primer to hide blemishes you might have and use powder to set everything. I especially put some on my t-zone, too, because my skin tends to get a little oily.

2014-07-08 17.16.20

  • If using a bronzer, don’t forget to suck in you cheeks a little, so you know where to put it. Rouge your cheeks. I used a tiny bit of highlighter on my cheekbones. It think it makes your skin look great.

2014-07-08 17.18.12

  • Last but not least, use a lip gloss or lipstick [or both] to finish the look! I only used lip gloss, because I’ll stay home. Otherwise I think, I’d have used a reddish lipstick, too. Yeah, most likely.

And that’s the finished look. Pretty quick and easy, if you ask me.

2014-07-08 18.16.33

Hope you enjoyed the little tutorial. We’ll do more in the future. Maybe we’ll do them in a video, but first we need to get some sh*t done & get used to it. Sometimes it’s pretty weird, to be quite honest. But hey, no guts, no glory. Right? Right.

If you did enjoy, please leave a like or let us know in the comments. We’d really appreciate it! [And, psst, you can follow us on twitter. @LiLas_World_. Just sayin’.]

Have a wonderful day/evening!

xxx Li & La


Products I’ve used

  • Catrice: Anti-Red Primer
  • Astor: Anti Shine Make-Up (Ivory)
  • Rival de Loop: Eye Ehadow Base
  • Maybelline: EverFresh Concealer
  • Maybelline: Fit Me Pressed Powder
  • Essence: Brow Designer [for blonde]
  • Manhattan: Khol Kajal Eyeliner [in black]
  • Catrice: Eye Shadow Palette [Limited Edition Geometrix]
  • P2: Feel Good Mineral Compact Blush
  • Essence: bloom me up! Shimmer Powder
  • Catrice: Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder
  • Catrice: Infinite Shine Lip Gloss [120 – Little Red Dress]
  • Maybelline: The Falsies Volume Express Mascara [Waterproofed]

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