Wednesday Review | Rimmel London Match Perfection [100 – Ivory]

2014-05-18 16.53.57

Product name

Match Perfection


Rimmel London


9, 09€

6, 99£

12, 23$

[you can find it here]




100 – Ivory


Good. Really good.

I’ve got trouble with red cheeks, but they are not visible underneath this foundation.

2014-05-27 07.24.03


The texture is perfectly right. It’s not too liquid and not too thick. You can easily dispense it with your fingers, a brush or a sponge.

2014-05-27 07.23.04


Great. It lasts a good amount of time, actually. I think, it’s about six to seven hours, before I had to renew the foundation. Not much, just at my cheeks and nose a little.


Product description

Light perfecting radiance foundation.

Traceless coverage for perfectly flawless skin under any light.

Lasts all day. SPF 18


I love this foundation. After a lot of promises and testing, this was actually the first to do its job. It doesn’t only last pretty long, at least in comparison to other foundations I have used so far, and it hides my reddish cheeks and other spots pretty good.

Although I feared it would be too dark for me, which would have been ridiculous since it’s the lightest shade, I think, it wasn’t. The foundation adjusted really well to my skin tone.

I would really recommend this foundation. It’s not expensive and a really, really great one. It’s worth its money.


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