Wednesday Review | Catrice Prime & Fine [Anti-Red Base]

2014-05-18 16.53.43


Product name           

Prime and Fine [Anti Red Base]



Price [+ Drugstore]

3, 95€ [DM]




  • Opacity



The Primer comes in a little green tube with a black lid, which has a little sticker on its back for the ingredients. The little cutie comes with 30ml in it, and that is plenty, I tell you. I think I have it for two month now, and it’s not nearly empty.


So, the primer is green – and that had been a shock the first time I saw it, but whatever. It has the same colour as its tube to be exact. The texture is thick like a make-up and easily to dispense with your fingera. Just perfect, actually. I don’t have any trouble with it.


Okay-ish. Yeah, I think that’s what I’ll stick with. I don’t know. I mean it’s really good underneath make-up and stuff, but I never wear it alone, actually. So it’s really hard to tell, if the primer alone lasts long.


I have trouble with red cheeks [and sometimes a red nose], and that was annoying me to no end. I always look like I’ve gotten fever, because I’m actually pretty pale otherwise. So I needed something to help cover up those nasty reddish cheeks. Since I’ve been pretty amazed with some other Catrice stuff, and the primer was actually affordable, I bought it.

At home the shock – the primer is green and it has bloody glittery stuff in it. For a second I was freaking out, than I just tried it, because I’d bought it anyway, so… yeah.

I put it on and was actually amazed. It covered my red cheeks up – at least a bit. The thing is, even with the primer on I still had those bloody red cheeks, and I looked ill-ish green at some spots, which was just weird.

With my foundation the tables turned. As a primer, the base is really good, but I wouldn’t really recommend it on its own.


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