Wednesday Review | Garnier Body Lotion | [LiLa beautifies the world]

Garnier Body

Name:                 Garnier Body Lotion | Intensive 7 Days

Producer:           Garnier

Price:                    2.99€ [DM]

Line:                     Body Lotion

Colour:                White

Smell:                  fruity, with a teeny tiny but noticeable whiff of mango


  • light green bottle
  • 400 ml
  • Lightly curved shape


On the bottle’s front, Garnier promises a seven day long moisturised feeling. But, you see, there is a little *. You find its brother on the bottle’s back. There it says, the promise had been tested with 80 women, and the seven day long amazing skin care will occur, if you put on the lotion twice a day over the course of four weeks.

I have to admit, I don’t put lotion on my skin twice a day, but only after I showered. So well, I can’t really say anything about that promise, to be quite honest. Ahem.

My Thoughts:  

I can truly say: I love this body lotion. Especially in the summer time, which will hopefully arrive pretty soon. I doesn’t regrease, and it’s easily absorbed, without leaving behind an unpleasant feeling of grease. My skin feels soft, moisturised and really neat.

I’d recommend it without hesitation!


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