Wednesday Review | Fa Vitamin & Power | LiLa beautifies the world

Fa Vitamin & Power

Name:                  Fa Vitamin & Power

Producer:           Fa

Price:                    1, 59€ [by DM]

Line:                     Shower Gel

Colour:                A jazzy orange

Smell:                  Fruity

Packaging:         translucent plastic bottle, with an orange cap

Effect:                  revitalising, stimulating & great skin care

My Thoughts:  

Since I’m showering a lot in the morning, I was looking for a shower gel, which is stimulating and waking. On my hunt for just the right one, I stumbled across this particular shower gel. The smell was the first thing that made me fell in love with it. It’s so fruity, and the smell of honey melon isn’t too overwhelming. Just the right amount of everything. Especially because it gets a little stronger while showering, but isn’t too aggressive afterwards.

Plus, my skin feels really good. It feels beautifully cared for, and the shower gel is very moisturising.

I’m happy, I found this shower gel, and I would totally recommend it.


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