Steal Her Style – Kat von D [27.03.2013]

Hello Guys!

It is us… again! Today we are going to show you where to find Kat von D’s outfit. :] It is cool, but comfortable.  I like it very much.

If you do not know who Kat von D is [like Laura did, huh], I will briefly tell you. She is an american tattoo artist (High Voltage Tattoo), model and television artist.

Kat von D

So lets go from top to bottom, shall we?

The lovely, kind of edgy sunglasses can be found here.


I found a similar red leather jacket here.

Leather Jacket

I could not find a top with the exact print on it, to be quite honest, but I think this is pretty similar.


A similar, but still very beautiful bag can be found here.


Again, a skinny black jeans. This piece we found here.

Skinny Jeans

And last but not least: The platform heels. I like them a lot, and I found them here.


That’s it from todays ‘Steal Her Style’! 

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Have a wonderful evening/day [wherever you are in the whole wide world].



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