Steal Her Style – Emma Watson [London – 02/12/2013]

Hello guys! [:

We thought a long time about a new post, and we decided to do a ‘Steal Her Style’ series [for less, actually, huh]. It is pretty self-explaining, but for those, who may not have heard of it: We look for pictures online [or stumble over something], and if we find something we like the big will search begins. We are not looking for an exact match, but similar clothes.

Growing up with Harry Potter I fell in love with Hermione Granger and Emma Watson. She is beautiful and I love her style. It is classic chic, but modern at the same time. The picture below shows an outfit she wore on a day out in London. It is casual but so, so lovely.

Emma Watson is seen shopping in London

Easiest to find was the skinny black jeans, to be quite honest. I found it here.


Theboots were kind of heart to find, but I think those are as close as I can get. A ton of other boots lookes to much like riding boots. You can find them here.


I usually don’t like blouses but I honestly fell in love with the combination. The blouse I found pretty fast, too, namely here.


The black cape was so hart for me to find, and I am not exactly happy with it, but I was not able to find one with the pattern on her coat. The one I found after digging around a long time, is this one.


We will try to find some more great outfits! You can leave request as well.

See you soon! [:



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