Our Christmas Tag!

Hello Guys! [:

Since it is Christmas Eve we thought, we share a little bit of our Christmas Spirit with you guys!

1. What do you need for Christmas?

O: Christmas fair, Christmassy decoration, Christmassy music, candles with Christmas flavor, marzipan [in every possible way: Crepes, sweets…] and a Christmas tree.

K: Christmas fair, music & decoration, candles, gingerbread, hot chocolate [homemade], fairy lights aaaand a Christmas tree, of course.

2. What do you do on Christmas Eve?

O: I will celebrate Christmas Eve with my mother, brother and his girlfriend. Before I’ll go to my brother, I am going to visit my mother’s workplace. She is a geriatric nurse. We’re going to spread a lot of Christmas spirit. After that we are visiting my brother’s place, where we are going to eat, celebrate Christmas, exchange our gifts and have a ton of fun.

K: I am going to celebrate Christmas with my parents, my grandma, my grandparents, my sister and my niece. We all come together. First we unwrap the presents [still trying to convince my niece that Santa is totally real, ha. Just this year, though. I don’t think she is buying It.], than we’re going to eat. After that we talk a lot and have some great fun.

3. Your Christmas dinner?

O: As the main dish we have filet with creamed mushroom sauce. For dessert we have an apple trifle with vanilla cream.

K: The starter is a potato cream soup. As a main dish we have some schnitzel with mushrooms [my parents are not telling me what I get as I am a vegetarian and they want to surprise me. Man…] and for dessert we have a white chocolate lave cake. The starter and the desserts will be made by me [as every year, ha!].

4. Favourite Christmas biscuits?

O: That is easy. Almond biscuits. I made some myself.

K: Uhm, I think gingerbread biscuits.

5. Favourite Christmas sweets?

O: Marzipan & Gingerbread.

K: I think a chocolate Santa Claus & Gingerbread are my favourites.

6. Favourite Christmas drink?

O: Hot chocolate with Amaretto and whipped cream or hot punch with apple flavour.

K: Hot chocolate is pretty amazing. With or without the Amaretto. Both work for me.

7. Favourite Song?

O:  White Christmas by Bing Crosby

K: Christmas by Michael Bublé & Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens.

8. Favourite Film?

O: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

K: That’s hard. Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage… or Home Alone. Probably the latter.

9. Outfit/Nails?

O: Sparkle Sand Effect nails, probably the red one. But I am not too sure yet. If you want to know how they look like, I’ve made a blog post. J Well, Outfit is going to be pretty boring, since you can hardly get your hands on Christmas sweaters or the like. But I found a cute cardigan.

K: My nails are going to be gold & red. I was not so lucky to find something Christmassy so I stick to something casual but chic.

2013-12-24 12.53.511473796_587736564631686_2001487412_n

2013-12-24 12.54.42

10. The best present ever?

O: I am easy to please. Every present makes me happy! I love the thoughts you put into, not the money you spend.

K: Me, too. But I love the things my niece made for me the most!

11. The worst present ever?

O: None.

K: Uhm… undergarments that looked like it belongs to my grandma… Well…

12. Does it snow where you live?

We both live very close to each other. In the past there was snow on Christmas, like a lot. Now it is not. The weather forecast is depressing. It is going to be around 10°C [50°F] and there is supposed to be tons of rain. So yeah, just great… If we are lucky we get some snow in January or February.

13. Your Christmas Tree, please!

1488374_587736491298360_1896707112_n 2013-12-24 11.42.04

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!



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