Body Lotion – Florena [Limited Edition]

If you like the smell of white lotus and magnolia, you are going to love this. As said in the title you can imagine it is a limited edition. Because of that I needed to buy it. It is an autumn/winter edition. Plus, it is organic. Something I honestly think is amazing. The packaging is cute and the price is fair. It was about 2.00€ for 500ml.


The body lotion is for normal to dry skin and especially for the temperature changes the cold weather is going to get you. It helps your skin not to get too try because of the winterish air. Mine is always pretty dry in the cold time of the year.

The lotion feels amazing on my skin. It is easy to dispense and does not take too long to sink into the skin. The smell is amazing, you guys. It is really intense and so, so flowery. It reminds me of a flower field. I love it. My skin feels so smooth.

If you are not into lotions that smell too strong, you probably will not like it. But I personally love it, if you smell like flowers and good things the whole day.

xx Owlet


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