The Body Shop: Lip Roll-On [Coconut]

I recently run out of my Chap Stick, so I was on the hunt for a new one. Because I heard a lot of good things about The Body Shop and I personally like natural cosmetics, I visited the shop. After l looked around for a little while, I found myself a nice Lip Roll on.

The design is simple. A white stick with a white badge around it. The badge has the name in different languages on it. The colour design is brown and orange. Simple but beautiful. It looked so much like autumn to me. Plus, I like the smell of coconut [even though that is kind of summery, right? Huh…]. It was about 4.00€.

The Body Shop Lip Roll-On

The lip balm is applied with a little silver rollerball. It feels cold and nice. But [yes, there is a but] it is not long lasting. Plus, the balm dries the lips and you have the feeling to constantly apply it again and again. It is very annoying. The lip roll-on dies not really help my lips, too – at least not on a permanent basis [and it does not smell or taste after coconuts, but that is the smallest minus].

2013-12-13 14.19.33

If you want to use it as a lip gloss, it is ok. Your lips are shiny and nice. I would not recommend it as a lip balm though. But maybe your lips are different. It is hard to tell, because mine are pretty picky.


xx kitten


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