Alverde – Eye Shadow Quattro [37 chocolate]

Due to a recent nasty allergic reaction to eye shadow, kajal and eyeliner from essence, P2 [DM own brand of cosmetic] and Rival de Loop [Rossmanns own brand of cosmetic], I had to throw away a lot of stuff and buy new ones. I love eye shadow palettes and I would love to own a naked 2 palette, but it is quite a punch in the face to get those in Germany. A little bit clueless I wandered around in our drugstore and thought: Why not go the safest possible way? [Boring but, hey – I do not like burning red and runny eyes]. So I jumped on Alverde, which is a brand with natural cosmetics. Luckily it is not too expensive and it is DMs own brand.

2013-12-12 20.31.04

The Alverde Eyeshadow Palette [or Eyeshadow Quattro as it is called correctly] comes in four different variations: 37 chocolate [lovely brown colours], 38 smokey eyes [black and white], 46 fairy forest [natural colours] and 48 Mauve Sensation [well… it has mauve colours]. I am not pretty sure how much one palette costs. I think it was about 4 to 5€, maybe less but definitely not more.  

I own the chocolate one. The colours are rich, pigmented and long lasting. I have no allergic reaction to the eye shadow. I absolutely love the dark brown colours. The brush it came with was pretty crappy, to be honest. But I do not like these type of brushes. Probably because I simply do not know how to use applicators. The eye shadow is easy to apply, to blend and to remove. The colour range is not that big, which is a bit disappointing but the brown one is pretty amazing.

2013-12-12 21.03.21

If I manage to get over my nasty cold, I am going to buy number 38, too, I guess. I am not sure about the Fairy Forest one, but since I am not a mauve type of girl. This is the one I will not buy.


If you want to know more about the eye shadow Quattro I leave a link down below.

Have a lovely weekend,

xx kitten


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