Essence – Sparkle Sand Effect [Nail Polish]

Hello guys! [:

You have to know one thing about me: I simply love nail polish. Maybe I am obsessed with it – but just a little bit. But if nail polish sparkles or glitters there is no way for me to ignore it. I have to buy it. Simple as that, I bought three.

Okay so. It was not a coincidence. Since I have not bought any nail polish in a long, long time, I visited our lovely drugstore and went straight ahead to the Essence booth. The reason I did not buy new nail polish was as simple as possible: No colour suited me. I did not like them. Neither by Essence nor P2 or Maybeline or, well, you get the idea. But this time was slightly different. I stood there, gaping in awe as I spotted them. Nail polish – sparkling like fairy lights. Well, ah, whatever.


163 hey, nude! & 156, me &my lover

Although I could have went slightly overboard, I contained my excitement and bought three, for 1.55€ each. The price is fair, as the nail polish is amazing. The brush is nice. Plus, the covering power is pretty amazing. I just have to apply it once. As the nail polish is called “colour & go”, I hoped it would held its promise: & it did. The nail polish dries rather quickly.


To make a not really long story just a little bit shorter: I love it. The sand effect is quite amazing [your nail feels and looks like covered in sand, yupp] & the sparkling effect is really beautiful. It is slightly different than the other glittering nail polishes. As I said before, it dries quickly and you have to apply it just once for good covering power. With base coat the nail polish does not splinter for a fair amount of time.


165 here’s my number


I really do recommend the nail polish. [:

Have a wonderful week!

xx Owlet


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