The Hunger Games – Catching Fire

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Since The Hunger Games – Catching Fire came into the cinemas recently, at least in Germany, I thought I might as well jump on board and talk about it – plus I am a huge fan of the books. Even though I try my best not to spoiler those who have neither watched the movie nor read the books, yet – this text may or may not contain spoilers [it eventually will, so beware].

You have been warned, guys.  [:

At first I should mention, probably, that I approached Catching Fire hesitantly. I love the books but the first movie destroyed my hopes for a fantastic movie adaption. Let me get this straight: The first movie was not entirely rubbish. It just was not quiet what I expected. The movie seemed to be nothing more than a children’s movie in my opinion – nothing compared to the book. And to be quiet honest, I was not feeling anything. The book? I was crying and hurting and relieved and happy – just way too much for one person to comprehend. I missed it in the movie completely. But I liked the fact that they showed what happened outside the arena. Very much so.

Since I am a person for second chances, I talked a friend of mine into going to the cinema with me. I love Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence. They are both such outstanding, funny and normal persons. I watched a ton of interviews to get into the mood – and fell in love with them even more. But I did not get into the mood. The kind of bad aftertaste stick with me. I could not jump on the whole happy train.

Catching Fire1

They both look so amazing.

But second chances and stuff…

So we went to our local cinema shortly after the movie was released, got our tickets [which I lost somehow, great. I love keeping those.] and bought us some popcorn. The cinema was packed already and we were seated on the left and more at the bottom than the middle. Not a good start considering the scepticism I was starting the movie with.

As the movie started my initial thought was: How will you make everything logical, if Peter still has his leg?! The fact that he never lost it in the first place was bothering me so much – you cannot imagine it. Do not get me wrong: It is great that Peeta is safe and sound [kind of, ahem]… but seriously? A lot of stuff is based on it.

Okay, but before I ramble too much about it, I am going to talk about the movie now. I jabbered enough.

To make a long story kind of short: Catching Fire is amazing, breath-taking even!

I was not that emotional after a movie since I do not even know, Lord of the Rings maybe. I cannot tell. What I am trying to say is: The movie is good, like really good, you guys. I felt like someone threw me into a rollercoaster full of emotions. Several times I was on the verge of tears – and I am not one to cry easily.


This scene was breaking my heart

Peeta’s healthy leg did not matter too much anymore, because everything else fitted into place really well. The words, the reasons, the emotions.  It is still a big minus for me, but I am able to live with it after the second movie. I was worried they would make Peeta look like a pansy and Katniss like Superwoman – but that was nit the case. She looked vulnerable. Furthermore she looke small and scared. I know the books, so I knew Peeta was not going to die from the magnetic field. But Jennifer Lawrence was so desperate and shattered, I could not help but fear Peetas death. This scene was so incredible. It was filled with so much emotion.

The first time I was at the verge of crying, actually, was as they visited district eleven. Just the thought of Rue plus the setting and the way everyone, especially Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence acted, made it painfully real. Elizabeth Banks, who I thought was incredibly annoying in the first movie [not just Effie annoying but really annoying], did such a good job. Every time she was tearing up, I had a big lump in my throat and felt my eyes water. Woody Harrelson was pretty amazing in the first movie. He and Elizabeth Banks are one of the best choices they made for the cast. First I thought, that Sam Claflin is way too old to play Finnick, but he did an amazing job! I could not think of anyone better. To come to an end, Liam Hemsworth is hot and a great actor. He fits in Gale’s character perfectly – and I feel so, so sorry sometimes that I simply do not like Gale. It is not hate, but he is so… I do not know. A douche, kind of. I am a bit preoccupied with what is happening in Mockingjay, probably.

I am Team Peeta, 100%.

So the second movie was worth every single penny. I can totally recommend it, even for those who felt like me about the first movie.

Tributes CF

Who would you chose? Peeta or Gale? And what did you think about the movie?

Have a wonderful Sunday evening,

xx kitten.


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