Rival de Loop – Lipstick [40]

Hey guys!

I recently discovered my obsession with lipstick. I never used them when I was younger, because I am fumbling & biting my lips very often. I still do, but only when I have no lipstick on. So for me it does not only look amazing but kind of helps me, too.

A while ago I boot a pretty red lipstick. It is from Rival de Loop a brand by Rossmann, a drugstore in Germany. The package looks really nice and precious. The price is not as high as I thought it would be, too. I think it was about 1.99€.

2013-12-06 18.11.31

The lipstick is in the number 40. I like it. It is really pigmented and long lasting, too. The thing is, after a while the lipstick dries your lips – badly, to be quiet honest.

2013-12-06 18.16.57

Do you have any experience with the lipstick brand?

Sorry for the crappy pictures and the length. I did not have much time today. Plus, the lightning was horrible. But I wanted you to have a post, even though it is just a little one.

xx kitten


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