P2 – Calcium Gel [nail cure]

Hello guys!

A while ago my nails started to become brittle and were breaking a lot. They just would not grow. It was nearly impossible. I tried many different nail polishes but none had helped much. I stumbled over the calcium gel from p2 at random. It promises to help by splintering and porous nails. I was a little bit out of hope and thought, I might as well try it. You know, what does not kill you…


The usage is pretty simple. You should use the cure twice a week. The gel alone looks nice. It becomes a bit on the whitish side and is shiny. Your nails look pretty neat. But you can use it as a base coat as well. You just have to wait until it is dried. The gel hardens pretty fast, so you do not have to wait long.

I started using the calcium gel two weeks ago and have to say: My nails are amazing. They do not brittle anymore. Even if I use it as a base coat, my nail polish stays a good amount of time without breaking.

You can buy the ‘p2 Calcium Gel’ for 1.75€ at DM.

I would recommend it, definitely, if you have the same problem as I.


xx Owlet


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