Treacle Moon – Warm Cinnamon Nights [Limited Edition]

Hey Guys!

We fell in love – like seriously. There is no hope. Body lotion and shower gels are simply amazing by themselves. They smell good and you feel all the joy and happiness after a good shower with amazing treats. But then Christmas comes around and everything gets better. We owe a big thanks to those lovely people spending their time on inventing seasonal shower gels and body lotions.

As winter came around we walked straight into our local drugstore. We were on the hunt for a perfect Christmassy shower gel.

And we found one. Pretty fast actually. The bright red colour was striking. Plus the design is way too cute. As you can see in the picture, the bottle has little lollipops around the bottom half. The little verdict brings you into the mood for winter and the title is so very promising: “Warm Cinnamon Nights”. We opened the bottle, smelled it and, well, had to buy it. There was no choice given. It smells so good, you guys.




The thing with shower gels is, that they do not smell as good after you used them. The smell is great while showering, but shortly after you rinsed it of – it’s gone. Whoever created “Warm Cinnamon Nights” was a genius. After leaving the shower you still smell like cinnamon. The scent is neither too heavy nor too light. It is just right – and it stays some time.

The price is fair. We bought it for 3.95€ at DM (Germany). The bottle contains 500 ml. If you use it with a shower pouf you can use it a long time, because you won’t need a lot of shower gel.

And there is so much foam.

We simply love it. It smells so Christmassy and it makes your skin feel really nice. The one thing that is a bit disappointing: There is no body lotion. At least none we found. But on the plus side: Treaclemoon does not do animal testing. That is great.

And the product is awesome.

We would totally recommend it. Try it. If you love the smell of Christmas, cinnamon especially, you know what you have to buy tomorrow.



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