Wiket Tastes The World | Crunchie [Cadbury – UK]


Crunchie is a brand of chocolate bar. Its center is filled with honeycromb and toffee sugar.

Packaging: The packaging is golden and catches the eye almost immediately. The name is in a reddish colour and kind of cartoonish written on it.

Price: 1,49€ (Real, Germany)

Taste: First of all you can taste the delicious chocolate flavor, and then after a short while the honey is overwhelming. The chocolate flavor is matching well with the honey sugar filling. But we have to warn you: It is really, really sweet. So if you do not like sweet things like that, better leave it be.

Comparison: Violet Crumble (Nestle, Australia).

Endresult: Let’s say, because it is very sweet, we cannot give this candy bar an A+ but an A-.

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Stay Tasty



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