Lila’s World

10556469_838243979580942_8454466622335831141_nHello and welcome to LiLa’s world! We are Lilly & Laura.

This is our blog, & as you can see, it is kinda girly. We love everything beauty fashion related & love to talk about it [which is probably the main reason we started blogging, yupp]. We are always on the hunt for new style & make-up trends. Furthermore we are trying to show you where you can Steal A Style, &  we will write the one or other tutorial for hair & make-up looks. So, it will be rather girly, but honestly – we love a good movie, book or a pretty well made game [preferably horror with a good story, yo], too. Just saying, because the odds are that we might throw some posts about those in the mix, too.

& don’t forget the food! Who doesn’t like food? It is almost as important as coffee. [:

Fell free to subscribe, if you are interested in some of the stuff, we will talk about! Or follow us on twitter and instagram. We’d love to talk to you guys!

Much love!


Li & La


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